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Dennis Lugemwa

This is a pretty cool ad from It is a new campaign from USA Swimming that is long overdue and should have started in the summer of 2007 right before the games in 2008. My only gripe is that basketball and football are sports. Doing a cannonball is not even an event. I just hope kids don't show up to the pool thinking "cannonball" is what were going to be doing. 


Dennis Lugemwa

Why I continue to swim at least 2-3 times per week.

GCAT Speedsters

Dennis Lugemwa

A few weeks ago I went to Atlanta to watch my old team GCAT swim at their state meet. In past state meets I usually film a couple of races and one of the highlights of the meet are the relays. I've had the pleasure to coach Audrey Pastorek, Tori Rucker, Grace VanBrunt and Alex Wayner the past two years and its so fun to watch them race fast. Together the girls with their different stroke strengths make up a pretty tough relay for anyone to beat. The video below is the girls swimming in the fastest heat of the 11- 12 4 x100 medley relay. Keep in mind 3 of the girls are on the lower end of their age group and the anchor is just 9!

I also added video from when they swam at Georgia states and age group sectionals in 2013. In a few years I expect to see these girls tearing it up at Junior Nationals. Coaches Walt Weed, Ryan Greely, Heather Librizzi, and Bill Forrester have kept the girls in top form as they have aged up and all the hard work is paying off. 

2014 Age Group States 

2013 Southern Zone Age Group Sectionals. 

2013 Georgia Age Group States.

IM Beats is coming!

Dennis Lugemwa

When dealing with music there is a lot of copyright issues to work out. So once all of the lawyers are done talking and hashing things out IM Beats WILL come out. Just be patient! Until then.....

Highlights from my trip to the C-Port

Dennis Lugemwa


C-Port?....What!? Allow Urban Dictionary to explain...

C- Port - noun

1. Savannah,GA; derived from the word "seaport" because of its link to the river and ocean. 
2. Another one of the GA's finest cities 2nd to Atlanta b.K.a. A-Town. This city was also the hometown to music artist such as Nivea and the late Camoflauge. abv: CPT SAV

"I wanna give a shout-out to all my swimmas on GCAT reppin dat C-Port..."


I got a chance to run a start & turn clinic and even do a few private lessons with swimmers from my old team GCAT(There were also a few special guests from Jeff Davis and Augusta). It mostly served as a tune up for those gearing up for state but also was just a great clinic for any swimmer wanting to better. It was so good to see all the kids I used to coach and I definitely took note to how much they've all grown. 

Here is Tori Rucker working on her butterfly. I asked her to swim her 50 pace and this is what I got out of her. 

While thats a great butterfly I know from the eye test that she can move faster than that. We actually watched this video before and I clocked her using a Tempo Trainer swimming @ 1:20. Thats great for 200Fly pace but not so much for 50fly/100fly pace. In order to maintain a faster tempo she was going to need turn her hands like this.......

Phelps fly hands.jpg

By doing the above she is able to keep her chest/upper body from going too deep.

I also told her she had to do a lot better on her breakouts. She needs to be explosive on the first pull to set the tempo and maintain it. With those new directions I gave her a Tempo Trainer and set it @1:10.

Much better!

Here is Grace VanBrunt practicing a freestyle flip turn.

That may be a good flip turn for most but when you hold the 50m backstroke National Age Group record for 9-10 yr old girls, all of the Georgia state 9-10 yr old backstroke records, and you are the top seed in most of the events you qualified for going in to your state meet, you just tend to have higher standards. 

So what I told Grace to do was to swim two pulls of freestyle and flip for a 25 so we could watch where she was having a problems with her turns.

The problem is in the legs. Every time she takes the last pull her legs make a dolphin kick motion. What that means is that she is primarily using her core for the entire turn. What I would like her to do is to use her last pull before flipping over to initiate the turn and then use her core to continue and finish. When she does that it looks like this......

No more dolphin kick in her legs = smooth and efficient turn 

My trip was way too short. I didn't even get to see all of my friends : ( C'est la vie. Til next time y'all!

Drag N Fly Suits

Dennis Lugemwa


Their mission is simple: To help women swim faster without having to sacrifice their passion for fashion! 

Find them here!

New Beginnings

Dennis Lugemwa


As some of you already know 3 weeks ago I took a job with Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to be the head coach of their newly established year round swim club. Being that Nova is a private research university, its the perfect environment and opportunity for me to put all my ideas such as IM Beats into a daily regimen for swimmers. Becoming a head coach has always been a goal of mine and having the opportunity to do it in South Florida is dream come true.

I would like to thank Bill Forrester for giving a swim instructor the chance to become a club coach. I would also like to thank all the GCAT families for allowing me to be a part of your children's lives. Ive learned so much from coaching kids that it has had a positive impact on my life as I grow as a person. As for this blog and what will become of it, just know that I have every intention of updating it so you can see what I am up to with the NSU swim club, private lessons, clinics, camps and much more.